Allan Mugalu sets target ahead of Big League showdown against Mbale Heroes

Allan Mugalu sets target ahead of Big League showdown against Mbale Heroes

The midfielder has featured in ten league games and could go onto making his 11th appearance when the Leopards welcome Mbale Heroes to Barifa Stadium on Wednesday.

He has managed three goals and two assists, with his latest goal coming in Arua Hill’s last fixture where the Leopards overcame Maroons 2-0 last Sunday.

Allan Mugalu is aiming at doing his best as he hopes to improve as an offensive midfielder in regards to scoring and assisting, starting with the fixture against Mbale.

“I hope to do my best tomorrow  against Mbale Heroes,” Mugalu told this website.

“I scored recently and want to do so again and help others score too,” he added.

Mugalu has become a talismanic presence for Arua Hill under Hussein Mbalangu and remains as driven as ever despite not achieving as much as he had hoped for.

Mugalu shields the all off from Maroons’ captain Ronald Orombi

The Leopards are in the hunt for promotion like never before, with the West Nile side desperate to end their four season stay in the Big League, and a talent at the center of their future scheme is responding proportionally equivalent by revealing how eager he wants to be part of the journey.

“I want to be part of the journey as we take the strides to the top tier,” Mugalu opened up.

“I normally create a lot of chances and assists but this season I don’t know, I just hope it will change because I really work hard towards it.” he added

Mugalu also unfolded the schematics they have in place to ensure Arua Hill gains maximum points in the imminent fixture.

“Last meeting with Mbale was hard, coupled with not good officiating, but that isn’t an issue now.

“This time  they’re coming to our home ground, we have the chance to change things around and we want to do that in the most clinical way.

“Our coaches have changed the way we warm up, and that has been helpful in making us kill the opponents and the last two games are enough evidence.

“We want to carry the  mentality to the game against Mbale and get the business done the same way.” He concluded.

Arua Hill lead the Elgon group with 20 points, with the chance to take to 23 in their reach as they host Hussein Kheri and Co.

Unlike others that think leadership comes with unmanageable pressure of maintenance, Mugalu comes from a school of thought that believes regardless, pressure is manageable, saying ahead of the Wednesday showdown, to this website: “We are containing the pressure of leading the table and we are doing it by taking care of each game as they approach.”