Allan Mugalu: The goal is not mine but for the team


Allan Mugalu: The goal is not mine but for the team

Scoring a goal is conceivably the best feeling, even better if you are an attacker whose primary role is to attack and score!

Attackers live and survive on goals, with a goal on Sunday boosting them all the way till Thursday as they’ll face Gaddafi FC at home.

To some it doesn’t even really matter how it gets in whereas to others, it does. Whether a long range shot or sublime finish—that feeling of relief and contentment mixed with utter pleasure is simply incomparable in opinion of those that understand.

Now scoring a goal that claims the triumph in a tough match is even the best as it’s not only so spiriting lifting but also self glorifying.

One would expect Mugalu to sing songs of self praise after personally experiencing the above-described feeling, when interviewed after inspiring Arua Hill win against Calvary FC.

The attacking midfielder blessed with consummate dribbling skills and of late great prowess in the air accepted the unique feeling but refused to own the glory.

“I feel so good because the coach has trusted me and has given me chance to play. He actually believes in me, that’s why I put a good performance,” Mugalu said.

“I thank God that I’ve managed to score a goal which has helped my team to win, this goal isn’t mine but for the team.

“I don’t feel happy because I scored but because the team has gained, that’s why I feel happy.” He continued.

The 24-year old’s goal six minutes into the second half owed much to his strength in the air, without taking away Dan Birikwalira long range throwing prowess and Baden Mujahid’s head brush.

But that goal arrived after Calvary FC threatened to take the day before they squandered a questionable penalty.

In Mugalu’s opinion, the first half was such a struggle because of the fatigue stemming from travels and the bumper-to-bumper fixture. Speaking to the media in that regards, he said,

“We struggled in the first half because we played away against Mbale Heroes, and then after two days we came and played.

“We travelled a long distance, a lot of fatigue, no resting that’s why we struggled in the first half but we managed to come in the second half because the body had warmed up.” Mugalu explained.

“The coach talked to all of us, he told us to lift our heads in second half so that we could get the goal and that’s what did to get the goal.” He additionally elaborated on how the team was able to rediscover themselves before they got the goal that won the day.

The goal is Mugalu’s second of the season in five league appearances. He last scored in 3-0 win against Kataka FC.