Arua Hill boutique cuts jersey price

Arua Hill Sports Club cuts 2020-21 Jersey prices

The Arua Hill boutique has reduced jersey prices as they look forward to 2020/21 season stock clearance.

The home and away shirt colors that originally were priced at UGX 50,000 have been reduced by 20% and 30% respectively, Sheila Maneno, the head of Marketing and Sales has confirmed.

“We want to empty the available inventory of stock and also give chance to our beloved fans to get away with the club jersey at fair price,” Sheila told

The home shirt according to Sheila is now sold at UGX 40,000 meanwhile the away shirt is sold at UGX 35,000.

Sheila also revealed there will be sale of the away shirt at a highly discounted price for clients who purchase in bulk, lasting for only 24 hours of Mondays and Fridays every week.

She confirmed clients who will purchase more than 10 Black jerseys on Mondays and Fridays will pay UGX 30,000 for each piece.

To get your jersey, contact Arua Hill sales team now on 0777733382 or 0783666236 or email