Arua Hill coach reacts to Baden’s performance  


Arua Hill coach reacts to Baden’s performance

Forward Baden Ogama Mujahid earned praise from head coach Hussein Mbalangu after excellent display in StarTimes FUFA Big League games.

Baden received sufficient praise from his coach following an excellent delivery in the two away games against Blacks Power and Kataka FC.

Arua Hill pulled one point clear of Blacks Power, Kataka and Gaddafi who are all tied on 16 points on the Elgon table and is within touching distance of their promotion target in four years after the 2-2 draw at Mbale Municipal Stadium.

With two scheduled away fixtures, a frenzied beginning after 1-1 draw with Kataka FC looked like it might have been about to take another worst twist after 70 minutes, when officials declared a goal that didn’t cross the line to put the home side into a shock level.

The Leopards were of course disheartened, desponded, dejected and desolate but managed to weather blatantly displayed biased officiating.

Leku, a huge beneficiary of Baden’s creation, scored brace on the day, with a fine header in the 5th minute before going onto scoring the second goal ten minutes later, with Baden in Arua Hill media opinion deservedly earning the man of the match.

“It is very good, his form now is impressive. I am happy, in the two second round games he has so far played, he                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     has been holding the team, that’s the Ogama Mujahid I know,” Mbalangu told this website.

“He is the original one who was impressive during our 31 preseason friendly games with such an influence and he is beginning to show it. He is very aggressive, he has the power, he has the love, and I pray he continues to do that till the end of the season,” he further hyped the player.

“If he continues like that, he is in better state. Scoring will come for him but the best for him is creating because he is a hidden striker. He is more of creating than scoring, if he does like that his chance to score will come.” Mbalangu added.

Baden had featured in Arua Hill’s first seven matches before momentarily losing the starting place to Rashid Kawawa following a fine second half display by Kawawa who destroyed Paidha Black Angels in the 2-0 win in Bar Okoro last month.

With the player regaining his starting place against Kataka FC, the gaffer who admitted Baden had grown hot and cold during the first round explained his thoughts on possible reasons to the forward’s irregularity in performance.

“I think we over used him during the preseason because he is the only player who featured in all games,” Mbalangu mentioned before adding, “Maybe the body was fatigued. He has now recovered with strength and intelligence and I think he won’t drop because he is eager to play and he has promised to compensate for the poor performance that’s why he pushes so much in training and the game.”

“I know he’ll score, he could even score in our next match against Maroons God willingly because he has the love and the attitude and that aggressiveness.

“We are only trying to work on his shooting technique, and vision to score but the crossing and assisting is okay. We need goals from him, it’s not only Baden, even Agau.”

Baden was also quick to respond to his boss’ praise and confessed the impact of trust and how far it motivates.

“It motivates a lot and pushes me to work hard for the next games, as we pursue our target, with the five games remaining, it’s great stuff to push harder,” Baden said and added, “I will keep working hard so that I appear on score sheet and create more goals.”

The 22-year-old has so far registered six assists to his name, with his first goal created for Emmanuel Mutebi in a fixture Arua Hill won 3-1 against Blacks Power and second goal created for Allan Mugalu in the 1-0 victory over Calvary FC.

The rest of his four assists benefitted Alfred Leku in the 3-0 win against Kataka, 1-1 draw with Blacks Power in the second round, and 2-2 draw with Kataka FC in the second round.

“It happens at times in game of football and it’s necessary to kill the pressure, if you are not scoring, you gotta be calm and create others scoring chances.” He shared his view on the flow of assists head of goals.

“The partnership between me and Leku is operational because I usually tell him to come near post because when I am crossing, I might not have that energy to cross to the far post and now he has understood and he is going to score more goals.” Baden commented on the working partnership between him and Leku.