“Arua Hill provides me a great platform and opportunity to learn,” Borine Olima Ahmed


Borine Olima Ahmed has joined the technical team of Arua Hill SC on a four-year deal set to commence at the start of the season.

It will be the former Calvary head coach’s third spell with Arua Hill, after he spent a season with the Leopards in 2014/15, guiding the  Leopards initially known as Doves All Stars to Big League before taking sabbatical  from coaching.

“It’s a team I promoted to the Big league myself and to join is just as good as coming home, I really feel grateful, the move is important for me because I’m still very young in football,” Borine told club media.

“There are some details which really I need to understand through experiencing events and Arua Hill being in top tier provides just that which is different from the lower league where I coached as head coach for so long.

“All along I’ve been practicing what God has given me, I now need to compliment that with an effort, I need to surround myself with this level of quality and learn.

“More so, I’ll be learning from great technical team that will help me understand, comprehend and improve my knowledge especially in this competitive level.

“This means a lot to me because I plan to improve on my papers so that I  can level up experience wise.”

Borine CAF C holder, started his coaching career with 4th div side Diamond Stars, before switching to Arua Hill which earned promotion to the FUFA Big League in 2014/15.

He also coached regional side Koboko Rising Stars in 2016/17, and returned to take over at the Arua Hill helm in last stages of the 2017/18 Big League season.

He then joined Calvary in 2018/19 in the Regional. The following season, he promoted the team to the Big League and coached most part of their debut season in 2020/21 before stepping down.

He said, he feels fresh again following three months of rest and is looking forward to new challenge at Arua Hill.

“I’m excited with this project, I’ve rested enough and I want to get to the pitch as I commit to new challenge and duty which is going to be impressive.

“I strongly believe the project is big for West Nile, in the next few years I see Arua Hill doing something no team has done.

“Everything in the club looks unique and for an insider the progress is visible, there is a big development inside which outside people will realize in the years to come.”