Arua Hill v Paidha Black Angels: Team News, Leku, Anyama, Gadinho, Ade

Baden takes on Paidha Black Angel player during first round meeting
Baden takes on Paidha Black Angel player during first round meeting

Arua Hill SC welcome Paidha Black Angels at Barifa Stadium on Sunday at 4PM as the  StarTimes FUFA Big League season comes to an end.

The two sides have a great chasm between them as Arua Hill tops the Elgon table, courtesy of a tally of 27 points from 13 games whereas Paidha Blacks Angel is languishing in the relegation zone with only five points from the same number of games.

Arua Hill drew their last Big League game, collecting a vital point as they played 0-0 away to Gaddafi FC. Paidha suffered a worst fate as they dropped all three points at Calvary, with the match ending 4-1 in favour of the home team.

Arua Hill beat Paidha B.A 2-0 the last time they met in the league. Second half substitute Rashid Kawawa scored two goals in quick succession as they tamed the hosts who had proved stubborn before the breakthrough.

Rashid Kawawa celebrates one of his goals in the first round against Paidha Black Angels at Bar Okoro

The Leopards only need a point so as to clinch promotion to the top flight league from the side that looks shapeless and more depleted than they were in the first round during the 2-0 win at Bar Okoro Stadium in April.

Arua Hill Team News

Richard Anyama and Alfred Leku are ruled out as they must serve their suspension for accumulated Yellow cards and Red card respectively.

Gadaffi Gadinho will return after serving suspension due to accumulated Yellow card. Allan Mugalu who was substituted before the start of second half in the game with Gaddafi FC after feeling headache has been confirmed well again by the head coach Hussein Mbalangu.

The gaffer also confirmed the return of Brian Ade who passed fitness test after recovering from dead leg harm he got from Mbale Heroes fixture.

Banza Lefenia Ajobe is out after picking a knock during training.

Gadinho will make a return after missing the last game due to accumulated Yellow cards

Mbalangu happy with milestone achieved, says Paidha should not be taken for granted.

“The work is well done, we’re left with only a game, I think it’s 99.9%. If we play and win tomorrow God willingly, I think it will be 100%. I am happy with what we have so far achieved and the players played very well.

“We did our last training today, the boys are okay. Those who were suspended are back so we’re expecting a hard game.

“We have not been promoted, we are taking this game more serious. Even more than the 13 we’ve played. We won them 2-0 at their home so to lose at our home will be shame.

“We are not yet there. We must win tomorrow and we are not the one who qualifies ourselves, it’s the Federation and the points we’ve accumulated.

“Even today’s training has been hard, it is exactly what we want to do tomorrow. We started comfortably and want to finish comfortably. We started by winning 3-1, we must end up by winning. So we are taking the game serious.

“We don’t want anybody to help us. It is Allah and ourselves. We must fight our war. we’ve been fighting our war. We want to win here and mind less on what happens else where.

“We are still leading the table with three points so tomorrow we are at home, it may not be easy because Paidha Blacks Angels is like a beaten snake, they are very poisonous so we shall handle them carefully because we don’t want to be embarrassed at home.

Jolikiba’s view

We have enjoyed much better form than Paidha Black Angels throughout the season. Much as we drew in Bugembe, that doesn’t change the truth that we are favorites heading into this game.

At home we have only encountered frustration once when Gaddafi FC pulled a late minute goal to force a 2-2 draw otherwise records show majority of the teams were slaughtered at Barifa, with majority of the 21 goals scored at home.

We beat Blacks Power and Kataka 3-1 and 3-0 respectively at the start of the season. Pressed the city’s silence switch after a 1-0 win against Calvary in the first round.

In the second round, we maintained our winning ways with a 2-0 win against Mbale Heroes and replicated the same against Maroons FC. The home winning streak this campaign has been enticing and we should not have much challenge walking away with maximum points and completing our move to Uganda Premier League.

But even if the worse happens and by fate the outcome of tomorrow’s showdown happens to be a draw, the damage wouldn’t have effect as second placed Gaddafi would still not be in touching distance.

Incase the worst happens and the visitors shock us, still the task will remain daunting for Gaddafi FC who are seated second on the table because they must score eight goals minus conceding to stop our dream of earning direct promotion from actualizing.