“Being on bench doesn’t make me feel subverted.”- Alfred Leku on staying positive while dropped to Arua Hill bench.

“Being on bench doesn’t make me feel subverted.”- Alfred Leku on staying positive while dropped to Arua Hill bench

Arua Hill SC striker Alfred Leku may have started the game against Kataka on the bench, but it didn’t stop him from scoring the goal that killed the game during the 3-0 win at the Barifa Play Ground on Saturday.

As Hussein Mbalangu has adopted a style to start games using only one striker, the giant striker has been dropped from the starting team, but is fighting hard to ensure he maintains his relevance to the squad.

After the win against the Mbale side, Leku spoke to Arua Hill media about it, and explained his motivation hasn’t changed despite the manager’s decision.

Hi“First of all, it’s cool and joyous to come as a substitute and score  because it encourages and motivates,” Leku said before adding;

“Being on bench doesn’t make me feel subverted, there are players who do things I am not in position to do for now and are in form, no wonder they are preferred a head of me which is cool because the bigger picture is for the team to win.”

Mbalangu was impressed with Leku’s service given the little time the player had  in pitch to perform. He expressed his appreciation to the striker with As-Salamu Alaykum greeting after the match.

When Leku was asked how it felt to be appreciated by the coach in such a manner that is held highly in Arabic setting, the striker while recognizing the significance of trust explained football is about the player and Coach trusting each other. In his own;

“I’m grateful to the coaches for trusting me, giving me chance so I needed to return the trust by scoring goals and to see him appreciate the work I do gives me a special feeling inside,”

“Once a coach makes his team, a player must trust the coach and support his teammates playing and once you have that mentality it becomes easier and you will be comfortable and undisturbed because of being benched while knowing your turn will come.” He concluded.

Currently with a goal in two games where he has just played 66 minutes as a substitute, Leku has no reason to worry as he still has chance to add to his tally with the league yet in its morning phase.

Additionally, although Caeser Okhuti is scoring per game, apparently the gaffer may consider using the captain less to avoid fatigue and Leku will need to exhibit high level of Patience.