Brian Ade narrates injury aftermath on third day of physiotherapy


Brian Ade narrates injury aftermath on third day of physiotherapy

Brian Ade was on the receiving end of a nasty challenge from Mbale Heroes goalkeeper Hilbert Hatimu that made him suffer ‘dead leg’ last Wednesday.

He spoke for the first time to Arua Hill media  since the dreading occurance after today’s physiotherapy exercise at Barifa.

Ade whilst admitting the worst could have happened if he hadn’t withdrawn from committing fully when Hatimu advanced towards him said after the knock, he wanted to continue but the numb feeling debarred.

“I am grateful the worst didn’t happen and that is basically because I anticipated he was not eyeing the ball but me, so I had to withdraw abit even when my mind and my body initially had committed to win the ball,” Ade revealed.

“After that incidence, I thought I could continue until I realized I couldn’t feel my legs and felt numb,” he continued.

“It was emotionally draining as I had just come in and I felt disappointed because I had dreams of making a mark in that game.” He summarized.

Ade had his third day physiotherapy session earlier in the morning at the club training ground five days after hurting what medics term as ‘anterior compartments of the thigh aka the quadriceps muscles of the right leg’.

It was initially feared the striker could miss training up to two weeks but, after he was examined by Leopards’ medical staff, who have been guiding his exercise since Friday, they are convinced he will be back significantly sooner than expected.

The player whose face had excitement written all over due to the good news also opened up on his recovery.

“It’s of course exciting because I miss training with my teammates and playing the ball,” Ade revealed.

“The exercise I am doing is aimed at building strength on my leg as I was badly hit, at that point I didn’t actually feel my leg.

“My leg was so, so weak but right now with the exercises I have done, I am able to gain some strength on my leg. I was able to juggle more than 35 times that means I am gaining strength.

“Today I have really used a lot of strength, it has been very tiresome but regardless I feel so much better, I think by Wednesday, I can be in the pitch training fully according to the physiotherapists.

“The pain that I felt in the first day is seriously disappearing so first. So right now I am just feeling very little pain, but all I can say is I am going to return very strong and fit.” He concluded.

Ade juggling 5kgs medicine ball

The no. 9 today still maintained independent session from his teammates where he was able to not only jog a couple of rounds but also juggled a 5 kilogram medicine ball as he works on getting back ready to join the bigger party.

Arua Hill physio revealed the pain Ade confessed to be feeling is rather related to weakened muscles as a result of excess exercise other than the injury itself.

His recovery is said to be positive as he is able to grow from managing low intensity physiotherapy  exercise to middle intensity.

Ade is not expected to be fully fit in time for Sunday’s Big League clash with Calvary FC at Greenlight Stadium though but his ability to work within minimum pain range is hope providing that he has a chance to at least feature in a game before the season curtain falls.