Captain Caesar Okhuti says he misses playing, admits Leku did great Job

Captain Caesar Okhuti says he misses playing, admits Leku did great Job

Caesar Okhuti has revealed he  missed playing football throughout the period he was out due to groin injury, but having played 45 minutes in a practice match the Leopards won 5-2 against Mvara Boys on Thursday afternoon, the forward admits he is fully fit and ready for Sunday face-off with Calvary.

“I must thank God as it has not been easy because I really suffered from the injury for several weeks, been battling having lots of pains and I’ve missed around five games,” Okhuti revealed.

“The doctors have done tremendous work and have tried to do their best because in my opinion I thought I was going to miss the whole season.

“I am looking forward to helping the team, being the first choice striker I feel I missed a lot and also miss the team, at times when we play away we make draws and at times win but I am grateful because I have chance to comeback and help the team achieve its objectives.

“The team made draws when I was also in the field, and others got whilst I was sidelined but while that happened, of course there was usually a feeling of I could have made a difference.

“There were games I felt I could have had an influence by either scoring or assisting. Of course there were mistakes the young lads were making but it is part of learning and it would have been fairer with my presence as  I would have advised.” He concluded.

Okhuti (L) and Bairon (R) in an aerial battle during a practice match last Thursday

The Skipper underwent six weeks of treatment to recover from groin harm following the setback on April 22, when Arua Hill drew 2-2 with Gaddafi in the first round of the StarTimes FUFA Big League fixture at Barifa, a game in which he scored the opener.

While Okhuti is eager to return to duty on Sunday, he acknowledged that his partner Alfred Leku did tremendously well as a lone striker in his absence.

“I must thank him so much. In my own opinion this is the time for  Leku to play,” Okhuti noted.

“Sometimes I argue with the coach to give him more chance, let him lead, he can, but he (coach) would say there is a reason why he prefers me.

“And good enough when he opted for me I didn’t disappoint and when Leku had his chance he picked from where I stopped, with the few times he has played, he has scored.

“In difficult games especially the away games where we needed  the points so badly, he stood up and lifted us, that’s why he has left us on top of the table.

“Playing as a lone striker is disturbing as it demands a lot of things including good first touch, timely runs, tactical discernment, physicality  etc but he was guided and taught by the technical experts that’s why he was able to score the goals.

“I shared room with him while in Mbale,  and encouraged him to utilize the chance. We would go for road work at dawn and that I believe did a great deal.

Okhuti’s goal scoring record after paving way for Leku on that fateful fixture just 19 minutes into game looks bright. He scored four goals in six games and has promised to carry on from where he left. He also called for concentration from the entire team in order to have a perfect finish in the remaining three games.

“This is the time we need each other most. This is the time we need to have maximum concentration,” Okhuti noted.

“Because at this moment we can easily break after leading through out. This is the point where the family of Kongolo needs to come together, right from the the admin up to the players. The mood must be together we started together, we need to end together as a unit lest we throw everything way.

“All these three  games is like a finals to us, as if we’ve never played football and we’re too hungry to do so. It means a lot to us, we don’t want to lose the first spot but all our concentration now is on Calvary, we deal with Calvary, we go to Jinja, we deal with Gaddafi FC, then we finish well on Paidha Black Angel.” He concluded.