“Team is ready and composed for the Big League”- Hussein Mbalangu


By Communications Department

Arua Hill Coach Hussein Mbalangu says his team begin their Big League season well prepared and composed as time allowed for all necessary preparations.

The Leopards host Blacks Power FC tomorrow at Barifa Play Grounds in their first fixture of the 2020/21  StarTimes FUFA Big League as they commence their journey in the campaign they hope will end with promotion to the top flight level the next season.

“We have prepared very well because we’ve taken five months to do preparations, so now we are prepared and composed,” the Arua Hill boss said.

“So our preparations are good because we’ve been doing each and everything as there was so much time to do,”

“We had enough time to assess the players and now we’re able to select the best amongst them.” He added

Arua Hill has been mingled in Elgon group with couple of ambitious opponents including Maroons FC, Gaddafi FC, Mbale Heroes, Paidha Black Angels, Calvary FC, Kataka FC and Blacks Power FC.

Mbalangu yet is keen to point out three groupmates who he judges will be serious challengers. He nevertheless states ‘to be champions, you must beat the best’.

“Elgon group is good and tough but there’re four teams fighting for promotion. We have Gaddafi, we have Maroons, Mbale Heroes who were eliminated in the finals of the playoffs and us Arua Hill, but to be a champion, you must beat the best team.” He claimed.

The Arua Hill gaffer who feels his side is at advantage for playing first game at home while reacting to the Thursday fixture also showed consideration in meeting expectations of fans.

“The good thing is we are starting at home so we need to give our fans joy and moral because they are already hyped up and being at home, the best thing to do is win it so as to meet the fans expectations,

“They’ve been seeing us preparing, playing trial matches so we built a winning capacity at home because out of the 31 friendly games, we’ve lost only one friendly game which means we have the winning culture at home.” He summarized.

Caeser Okhuti explains the burden of being a captain

Caeser Okhuti explains the burden of being a captain

Forward Caeser Okhuti has stated that captaining a team sparks high levels of expatiations from fans.

The 30-year-old was a vice captain at Onduparaka before he joined us. He was given the arm band by Hussein Mbalangu immediately at the arrival of the boss.

Mbalangu has mentioned Okhuti deserves the band because of the respect he commands from players due to his achievements and experience.

Okhuti has now opened the lid on the great responsibility that comes with holding the highest office amongst players.

“Serving as assistant at Onduparaka and now captaining Arua Hill and sparks high levels of expectations from the fans and having been from the premiership, the fans expect a lot from me,” he said.

“Leading a group is not easy because it takes a lot of responsibility, hard work because if this team doesn’t attain promotion, they’ll be looking at us not the young ones so the honor is on me and the group that I am leading,” he added.

Okhuti came to the Uganda football limelight in 2006 when he helped second level side Ediofe Hills FC (defunct) qualify for the 2007 top flight.

He has won the Uganda Premier League with Vipers SC in 2009/10 season and KCCA 2015/16 season.

Okhuti also had a brief stint with Express FC where his scintillating performance earned him a move to KCCA. He partially contributed to Onduparaka’s journey to the top flight from the Big League in 2015.

Okhuti has mentioned his 14 years illustrious career and experience is expected to compliment the upcoming footballers.

“I think the team is built with both experienced players and young players. The experience we attained in the Premiership; we shall bring it down to make sure the team gains promotion. We also lift the young ones, we lead by example. Everything we do, must make sure that we attained promotion,” he added.

Okhuti has also won the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup with the national team in 2008 and 2015. His experience in Ugandan football is undoubted, which is why mainly he was signed by the club.