David Ndihabwe is Kongolo, is a Leopard!

Arua Hill is thrilled to announce that David Ndihabwe has officially joined the club from Maroons FC. The gargantuan midfielder signs with Leopards a two-year deal that will keep him at Barifa till 2023.

“This move has been great and I’m looking forward to make the most out of it,” Ndihabwe told aruahillsc.ug

Ndihabwe is a holding midfielder who is also capable of playing as a defender. His significant strengths are passing range, great vision and great physical strength which made him key in Maroons’ midfield last season.

With great strength comes great stamina and responsibility, Ndihabwe proudly acknowledges this fact and explained to club media his wish to continue using his features to the benefit of his new home.

“Pretty much with the great team we have, I have to use everything I can for the good of the team including my natural strength and stamina to the benefit of the team since there are some games and moments in the game that require physical exertion,” Ndihabwe said.

“However, for me it’s improving tactically first than physical but I can’t deny the physique helps as well,” he noted before adding the anticipated positive impact the technical team will contribute to his growth, “No doubt we have one of the best tacticians in the country with great football minds and deep understanding of the game so that’s a given. I can improve and I welcome the challenge.”

Ndihabwe began his playing career at SC Victoria University now defunct where he played between 2013 and 2015. His performances attracted interest from Rwandan side Bugesera FC for which he featured in the 2015/16 season before Express FC came for his signature in 2016 and played till 2018. He signed for Kitara FC for two seasons in 2018 before moving to Big League side Maroons FC in 2020.

He is exceptional with good technique, much as he also shines defensively at breaking down opponent’s attacking rhythm and winning back possession through powerful tackling gift.

He is known for his speed, besides stamina and physical appearance, which he often combines with high work rate. He is also capable of scoring goals due to his powerful heading ability enhanced by his height which is 6 ft 3 inch. He uses his height advantage to win possession and or clear the ball off from danger situations which has made him a player with great aerial prowess.

His certified arrival is a great addition to the Arua Hill midfield and his partnership with already unveiled Ibrahim Faizul is a show fans and well-wishers will want to witness.

“No margin for error in Arua Hill visit to Mbale,” Mbalangu cautions lads ahead of Kataka clash


“No margin for error in Arua Hill visit to Mbale,” Mbalangu cautions lads ahead of Kataka clash

Hussein Mbalangu has accepted Arua Hill SC has not been doing enough to protect their lead in some previous fixture including the most recent.

Mbalangu witnessed Arua Hill throw away a lead six minutes to full-time at Bukedea on Sunday consequently losing two points and missing chance to maintain initial two point lead after the game ended 1-1 with Blacks Power.

The gaffer who has refuted Arua Hill are playing sudden death football but rather attributed the events to “redeemable laxity” has promised the same will not repeat and has revealed his warning to the lads as they attempt to maintain their status on the log.

“We have made enough emphasis to the players that there is no room for error, no margin for error, no excuse and no silly mistakes,” he mentioned to club media after today’s training session.

“No resting, no relaxing and game management must start from the word go to the end because often times we concede last minute goals because players relax a bit thinking it’s over.

“We shall handle the game minute per minute so that we don’t make those mistakes we’ve been making before in games with Blacks Power and Gaddafi where the games were actually won.” He continued.

The gaffer knows the game may ultimately prove so difficult as opposed to the first round meeting when Arua Hill cruised passed Kataka FC 3-0.

He however says the team already has a mechanism in place to win after having opportunity to study the opponents during their 1-0 win over Calvary on Monday.

“We had opportunity to watch their game against Calvary and have understood their style of play and strong points,” he said.

“Yeah, it’s going to be hard game because they are physically muscular but we have a mechanism in place to play them.

While conceding to fact Kataka may pose a serious threat he equally has said he is aware that they cannot afford to lose tomorrow’s game and will look to ensure their recent blip does not develop to a character when they take on Kataka FC on Wednesday afternoon.

Hussein Mbalangu’s judgement on victory in Bar Okoro

Hussein Mbalangu’s judgement on victory in Bar Okoro

Hussein Mbalangu and Co wound up the first round of StarTimes FUFA Big League with a hard-fought victory against Paidha Black Angels at the Bar Okoro Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Super substitute Rashid Kawawa scored brace in the 80th and 87th minute to tame Allan Kabonge’s side in the presence of their intimidating fans.

Our head coach Hussein Mbalangu faced club media post the match to provide his views on the win that earned us the right to lead the summit in Elgon Group as the first round closes.

His general reaction on the game

We’ve won our last game in the first round, it has not been an easy game because the rain even disturbed us very much and we tried to manage it, first half we didn’t play very well because the rain disturbed us.

When it is raining, you are forced to fight with the ball, with the rain, the slippery ground, the opponent you are not comfortable with the ball, so we didn’t play well but in the second half when we came back and the rained had stopped, that’s when we started to play and that’s where we started to manage the game properly.

On why the forwards’ finishing was lacking

It’s individual responsibility. Because we always do those things, we do shooting, finishing, each and everything, so when we reach in the game, if somebody does not put the ball in the net, I think it’s not the coach. I think it’s an individual problem, because we usually tell them what to do in those situations. We tell them not to panic but be aggressive, concentrate, look at the keeper then put the ball in the net.

On if a fresh lecture to Kawawa on finishing turned the tables

That’s why when Kawawa was coming, I told him, if you get a chance, this is rainy day, try to shoot the ball, if you are on that side, try to shoot it far. And he did it, in fact he got three goals, one was cancelled then the two he scored nicely and he took the day, because we’re on pressure and to lose on Paidha would have been a shame but alhamdullilah our substitution helped us a lot.

On Baden’s performance

He played but his final touch and decision was a bit lacking.

On if Baden should have gone for goal than crossing

Yeah, he should have. Even when in the dressing room during recess we discussed it. That’s the responsibility we usually tell them. So, players lose that responsibility and give it to another. We usually tell them to know where they are, should I shoot? Should I pass? Should I cross?

Because we should have scored in two minutes. Because Gadinho gave him a clear pass, a through ball and the keeper was coming and he was retreating, it was a matter of putting the ball in the net but his decision making disturbed him

On what would have happened if Patrick Aruwa scored in an empty net against us

Allah, I think was on our side because we survived that empty net. Muhamed fumbled with the ball together with the goalkeeper, then the striker ran with the ball, he was very sure he has a goal but alhamdullilah Allah helped us, the ball went begging and went out. I told my bench; we’re going to win this game. As long as we’ve survived the goal, we’re going to win.

On Anyama’s saves

Since Anyama started being in the goal in every game, my colleagues and I consider him the man of the match. They say to win a trophy, you must have an outstanding goal keeper. In 12 games, he must make one blunder, an outstanding goalkeeper.

We have now played seven games and Anyama has not made a major mistake. That young boy is very outstanding. Even when a striker goes through when Anyama is there, we are confident Anyama will save the situation.

So, me and my colleague, our man of the match or our best player is Richard Anyama in the goal. You saw when Liverpool got Allison Becker in the goal, everything became well. So, with outstanding goalkeeper everything is okay.

Gadafi Gadinho and Allan Mugalu partnership in creative role

Gadinho and Allan don’t play the same thing, they’re different. Allan is more attacking, dribbling and going forward. Gadinho is more of passing those splitting passes. So, when we put Paddy to sit, it means we need somebody who can do Paddy’s work because Paddy is more of planning. That’s why we introduced Gadinho because we wanted a flowing game and it worked, he played very well. We saw in the second half about ten minutes he was very good with the ball, but poor in marking because he was tired, and we’re on pressure, that’s why we brought in Rajab Kakooza and he did a very good work.

On if Kawawa’s fresh legs was key to overpowering opponents

We cannot blame our players for having reduced their speed in the second half because when you are playing in a rainy day, you use a lot of energy. So, it was not only on our side that guys were tired, even the opponents. That’s why when we brought fresh legs, it was enjoyable.

You see Kakooza was brought and there was positive change in midfield, Ade played very well. He put pressure on defenders, he was running in spaces and then when we brought Kawawa, they combined very well, Kakooza, Ade and Kawawa and we got goals.

For us even if we’re tired, we must attack because we play attacking football. That’s why every time we expect a goal, as we work on avoiding conceding.

On Whether Kawawa’s first goal should have stood

We were very far, because we saw the linesman raising up the flag. We don’t know who was off side in between. Ade flicked the ball, then Kawawa comes and finish it. Maybe at the time Ade flicked the ball, Kawawa was offside, that was referees call. For us we don’t talk too much on referees because that is their work, and we have work to do too. If you cancel, we go and score another goal.

On why his substitution including Kawawa perform very well

Reason why our substitutes perform very well is because we tell them. Because we have the strategy and game plan before we start the game. Those who are starting, we tell them we’re going to do this, and that. We’re going to operate like this with the ball and without the ball.

You may see some people playing very well but they lack discipline in following the strategy. So, we substitute them and lecture the income player on what to change. Because what we want is a goal or a pass, or to create and that’s what they did.

Hussein Mbalangu backs Banza Ajobe Lefeni to shine at Arua Hill SC


Hussein Mbalangu backs Banza Ajobe Lefeni to shine at Arua Hill SC

Hussein Mbalangu has supported Banza Ajobe Lefeni with admission the striker will make positive impact at Arua Hill SC if given time.

Lefeni made his debut for the Leopards at Barifa Play Ground in the win against UPDF in the first leg of Stanbic Uganda Cup round of 32 when he replaced third goal scorer Alfred Leku in the 61st minute.

The striker hasn’t spent a month with the team since joining and has just been training with Arua Hill SC for two weeks. He missed being in the team sheet in all the previous fixtures as his license production was pending.

He came in 29 minutes to full time of the 3-2 victory, though didn’t score Mbalangu remains unworried and has tipped the striker for success with the Kongolo family.

Mbalangu said his decision to bring in the striker in the second half against Kefa Kisala’s side was to present him with an opportunity to feel the team. While admitting he has faith in Lefeni to shine and have impact at the club, Mbalangu in his own word said;

“That was his first time of playing, and he just trained for two weeks, we played him because we wanted him to feel the team,”

“He is technical good and tactically intelligent blessed with typical striker touch and instinct, and a good decision maker, I believe he will shine and have impact here at Arua Hill with time.” Mbalangu added.

Hussein Mbalangu: We’ll try to put a good game in Uganda Cup

Hussein Mbalangu: We’ll try to put a good game in Uganda Cup

Coach Mbalangu has said Arua Hill SC will try to put a good game in the UPDF faceoff despite the distraction the competition could cause the team.

The Leopards welcome Kefa Kisala’s boys at the Barifa Play Ground in Uganda Cup round of 32 on Wednesday afternoon.

If any encouragement were needed, win for Arua Hill SC over the two legs in the cup will mean we’ll progress to the last 16 in the competition that has never brought us face to face with UPDF.

“Sometimes it is a distraction from the main objective but it is also one of the competitions we are supposed to play because it is unsporting to boycott,” Mbalangu told the club media before adding the team will nonetheless put up a good game at Barifa tomorrow,

“Although we just came back from Easter holiday yesterday and started training, we’re ready and we’re going to put a very good game,

“We must win it because we are at home and we want to keep the winning mentality and make our Barifa Play Ground a slaughtering place so any team which comes here or we face is a final.” He continued.

The squad has received a boost amidst fresh injury case after Dan Birikwalira suffered hamstring injury from our last game, with Patrick Matovu passing late fitness test.

Striker Dido Banza Ajobe’s license has also been produced which makes him available for selection but the game has come too early for defender Sabir Simba whose fitness levels isn’t up to standard, the coach confirmed to the media as he revealed Aggrey Kiirya who got a knock in today’s training will need a doctor’s recommendation before he could be considered for the game.

Meanwhile midfielder Oscar Agaba will remain out until he finishes the recommended eight weeks period of healing and recovery.

The coach also agreed the Uganda Cup is a good platform for the unused players to showcase themselves as the commonly used players’ rest.

“We are expecting some changes because we want to rest some players who have been playing. There are some players who have been playing all the three games, 270 minutes so we need to give them a break, to reserve them so that the body can recover properly,” Mbalangu said.

“Even we want to give some players who have not been getting enough time to play to test themselves in the Uganda Cup and they’ll start with this game,

“There are some people who are injured and good thing now they’re back, like Matovu who came back last week but his fitness was not okay, that’s why even in the last game, he travelled with the team but he wasn’t in the 18-man squad so now I think he is okay and tomorrow he will play.” Mbalangu confirmed.

Mbalangu finally expressed his assurance lies in the fact he has known our opponents whose last fixture ended in defeat to Vipers SC and having played against them while at Ssaza Kyagwe.

“I watched their game against Vipers where they lost three nil.  I played them when I was in Ssaza Kyagwe, I know the players, their strengths, their weak points. So, we shall try to utilize their weak points so that we can get goals and try to defend their strongest points so that they don’t harm us. They are not any different, we are equally good, we are good team very ready and training very well.” He concluded.

Maroons vs Arua Hill SC: Hussein Mbalangu expects entertainment

Maroons vs Arua Hill SC- Hussein Mbalangu expects entertainment

Arua Hill SC play Luzira outfit Maroons FC on Thursday 1st/04/2021 in what has been described as the battle for top place in FUFA Big League Elgon Group.

The Leopards travelled and camped in Kampala on Monday as they prepare for a game they consider so crucial in their effort to achieve the ultimate goal.

Arua Hill seated on top of Elgon Group with six points has registered wins in their first two games convincingly scoring six goals in total after beating Blacks Power 3-1 and Kataka FC 3-0 at Barifa.

Equally Maroons FC  has registered wins in their first two fixtures after beating Paidha Black Angels 3-1 at Luzira and Gaddafi 2-0 at Bugembe but falls second on the log due to inferior goal difference.

The Arua Hill SC gaffer Hussein Mbalangu has said real competition begins with Maroons and anticipates an entertaining clash.

“The game is going to be fun and entertaining because the Maroons I know has a style of play, likewise us and we have a master plan to withstand them,” he said.

“I respect them, love to play against  them and I get a feeling it is going to be a easier game for me tactically because playing a side that has a style is easier than a team that is hard to understand in sense of style.” He continued.

The two sides have only met twice in a competitive level in 2016/17 Big League season where Arua Hill SC lost in both fixtures, 2-1 at home and 5-2 away.

Mbalangu has said the history between the two sides does not discourage but instead is a motivating factor as he looks forward to rewriting a new story.

A win for Arua Hill SC will enable Mbalangu’s side to stamp themselves on top of the table as they’ll open a three point lead ahead of Maroons.