Mbalangu convinced with Arua Hill triumph

Hussein Mbalangu’s Arua Hill SC registered victory in their first game of the 2020/2021 Big League season after beating Blacks Power FC 3-1 at Barifa Play Grounds.

The Leopards scored at the 9th minute from the penalty spot after the centre referee awarded penalty following a foul on Allan Mugalu in the box.

Captain Caeser Okhuti doubled their lead 11 minutes later after slotting home from a close range and substitute Emmanuel Mutebi who only spent a minute in the pitch after coming in for Caeser triggered a leftfooted thunderbolt at the 80th minute to put the game beyond Blacks Power reach.

Meanwhile Micheal Siwu scored a consolation from the penalty at the 94th minute for the visitors but that only would mean Arua Hill walks without a much needed clean sheet as the game still ended in favour of the West Nile side.

Arua Hill had 15 corner kicks taken but no goal came from the deliveries however coach Mbalangu who showed slight concern on his boys’ inability to capitalize on the many chances resulting from the corners, opined during the post match press conference, the boys won convincingly.

“We have won the game convincingly because we tried our best to implement what we planned and really succeeded,” he said.

“The game was hard, they didn’t allow us to play but we tried to settle and create as usual though we still lacked the aggressiveness to score many goals,” he expressed his dissatisfaction on the number of goals.

The boss also explained further how they managed to settle and worked a plan to withstand the opponents following Blacks Power initial success in constraining them, in his own words;

“We knew they were physical and play long balls, so we closed them in their our territory and our game plan worked,”

“They are physical, they run and use energy but we held the ball so they may foul us and that’s why we got so many set plays near the goal and even our first goal was a penalty,” Mbalangu added.

Mbalangu also commented on the champion of the penalty Allan Mugalu, stating the attacking midfielder is the only licenced player to roam around and express himself.

“He is the only player whom I give licence to do each and everything with the ball as long as what he does is profitable to the team,” he said.

“Paddy and Oscar are good in passes, so we need someone who can hold the ball, dribble one two opponents so that if we don’t score in open play, we can score in set pieces.” Mbalangu added.

Caesar Okhuti Confident Arua Hill Has What It Takes To Deal With Blacks Power

Caesar Okhuti Confident Arua Hill Has What It Takes To Deal With Blacks Power

By Communications Department

Caeser Okhuti confident Arua Hill SC have the method, flair and element to over come Blacks Power FC though he personally has little knowledge about them.

Thursday’s eagerly-anticipated encounter at the Barifa Play Grounds has become all the more interesting thanks to Okhuti’s prematch jibes and, most appropriately, the team’s acceptance on challenge Elgon Group teams will present.

Triumph in Lens will assure Arua Hill fans of the future and give the boys a bright start considering the pressure and expectations charged on the team a head of the Big League kick off.

Arua Hill SC’s last-gasp gut punch against Blacks Power in both fixtures that ended in one all draw in 2019/2020 season has not thrown the Leopard’s into the fear zone, though, with captain Okhuti’s understated confidence clear on the eve of the match in Lens.

“Personally I’ve not played against them but half of our teammates have a clue on the them,” he admitted.

“All teams come in any competition with a mindset of winning and I know they’ll get chances to score because they have equally want the points but the onus is on us to go all out to win because the moment we lose, it’ll be so discouraging.

“With the two crucial home games, the three points will give us a starting punching in the campaign.

“So all we have planned to do is go and attack to win because like I said, it’s important, nothing less, nothing more,

“We’re focusing to make sure that we score early because we’re at home to build more confidence because we understand the risk of scoring late and the anxiety it comes with and also the advantage it holds.

The deficiency of rain of goals in the preseason friendly games has been a concern, and has been underscored as key factor that could upset the target of the team.

Asked to comment on the goal ratio, Okhuti who has a different perception in regards to majority concern, stated collecting all points outweighs scoring multiple times in a game.

“I can’t go with the number of goals because the talk of the town is the number of goals we’ve been scoring,” he defended.

“I think a goal can win a game but we would like to score more than we’ve been scoring so as to win convincingly and get all the three points, but most important is to get the points.” Okhuti asserted.

Hussein Mbalangu’s opinion on friendly game against Arua Soccer Academy

Hussein Mbalangu’s opinion on friendly game against Arua Soccer Academy

Arua Hill SC and Arua Soccer Academy played out a goalless draw in a friendly encounter at Arua Core PTC grounds, Mvara. Both teams had good chances in either halves though Arua Soccer Academy posed un expected threat more in the first half.

Alfred Leku had his goal ruled out for offside meanwhile Telvin Maina Irungu came close to scoring thanks to Amononi Ratibu’s saving artistry. On the other side Kamis Matinga and Edema Farouk kept Isaac Mulindwa busy in office as they had their shots on target stopped by the Arua Hill shot stopper.

Our head coach Mbalangu in post match interview gave us his view over the game including Alfred Leku’s attitude and his goal that was ruled out.

On how the team performed and decision to make 100% changes

It has been good and balanced game because we are trying to give every player chance so that they can prove themselves because we can’t only have first XI, we should have the backup.

So those who played yesterday, we have rested them and then we try to give the others who didn’t travel or play a chance so that they can cover up.

On how teenage duo Telvin Maina and Yashir Mimosa played?

They have played very well. They are young and we gave them a chance to play 90 minutes together with senior players.

How challenging was it to play Arua Soccer Academy?

Yeah they are very good. Here in West Nile there is talent and it shows through such teams. Our opponents were hard and very good on the ball, and know us. They gave us a challenge.

Any correlation between how Arua Soccer Academy and Big League teams?

As you know, we are preparing for Big League and Big League teams play like this team so they are giving us a good test.

Would the challenge be the same if we used the players that played against Yumbe Select?

If we used the players who played in Yumbe, the challenge would be different. Because the maturity of the senior team and their mental stability besides their speed and comfortability with the ball, we would have won this match.

Who in the opponent team was impressive to you?

The whole team. The players were very good and physically they are okay. Our Head of Junior  team Bosco Onama who stood in their touchline knows how we play and of course gave hints. That’s why they were a bit conservative and they wanted to catch us on counter but we play as a team in both attacking and defending.

Why was Rashid Agau and Allan Mugalu substituted off immediately before the second half kicked off?

We try to give every player 90 minutes. So Agau and Mugalu had played 45 minutes in Yumbe and they were aware, we would offer them only the first half.

How then did Kawawa and Kakooza who came in play?

Kawawa played well though Kakooza struggled because he has been down with injury but I know he will catch up.

Alfred Leku didn’t travel with us to Yumbe as he arrived when the bus was leaving. You instructed he should be left back, how do you find his attitude in the pitch today?

He has been with a positive attitude, he even apologized before we started and we forgave him because he knew his  mistake and expressed remorse.

He had good runs and worked hard. He registered a goal though it was wrongfully cancelled. The officials considered it an offisde which I didn’t see. However he generally played well and that’s what we need because we want maximum respect, discipline and hard work. Because now we are on three things, performance, time and dress code.