CSR: Arua Hill to donate branded balls to West Nile football clubs

Arua Hill SC Chairman Eng. Joel A’ita Jaffer has confirmed the club will donate branded balls to West Nile clubs as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the effort to promote football in the region.

The Chairman made the announcement following a meeting with Proprietor of Sports Rise Mr. Douglas Smith on Thursday September 23, 2021.

“Today I received Mr. Douglas Smith proprietor of Sport Rise, a Ugandan football manufacturing company, impressed with his model,” Eng. A’ita said in a statement.

“In line with Buy Uganda, Build Uganda (BUBU), I have ordered for him to make for Arua Hill SC branded balls we shall use and donate some to West Nile Football Clubs,” he added.

“This will be a CSR for Arua Hill SC in line with football development in West Nile.” The Chairman summarized.

“Arua Hill provides me a great platform and opportunity to learn,” Borine Olima Ahmed


Borine Olima Ahmed has joined the technical team of Arua Hill SC on a four-year deal set to commence at the start of the season.

It will be the former Calvary head coach’s third spell with Arua Hill, after he spent a season with the Leopards in 2014/15, guiding the  Leopards initially known as Doves All Stars to Big League before taking sabbatical  from coaching.

“It’s a team I promoted to the Big league myself and to join is just as good as coming home, I really feel grateful, the move is important for me because I’m still very young in football,” Borine told club media.

“There are some details which really I need to understand through experiencing events and Arua Hill being in top tier provides just that which is different from the lower league where I coached as head coach for so long.

“All along I’ve been practicing what God has given me, I now need to compliment that with an effort, I need to surround myself with this level of quality and learn.

“More so, I’ll be learning from great technical team that will help me understand, comprehend and improve my knowledge especially in this competitive level.

“This means a lot to me because I plan to improve on my papers so that I  can level up experience wise.”

Borine CAF C holder, started his coaching career with 4th div side Diamond Stars, before switching to Arua Hill which earned promotion to the FUFA Big League in 2014/15.

He also coached regional side Koboko Rising Stars in 2016/17, and returned to take over at the Arua Hill helm in last stages of the 2017/18 Big League season.

He then joined Calvary in 2018/19 in the Regional. The following season, he promoted the team to the Big League and coached most part of their debut season in 2020/21 before stepping down.

He said, he feels fresh again following three months of rest and is looking forward to new challenge at Arua Hill.

“I’m excited with this project, I’ve rested enough and I want to get to the pitch as I commit to new challenge and duty which is going to be impressive.

“I strongly believe the project is big for West Nile, in the next few years I see Arua Hill doing something no team has done.

“Everything in the club looks unique and for an insider the progress is visible, there is a big development inside which outside people will realize in the years to come.”

Allan Mugalu injury update

Allan Mugalu injury update

Allan Mugalu may not be set for a stint on the sidelines after Hussein Mbalangu confirmed the injury suffered by the  midfielder in Arua Hill’s 1-1 draw with Blacks Power is a minor foot injury.

The 24-year-old was forced off in the early stages of the game when Jackson Obwana stepped on his mid dorsolateral aspect of the foot in the 17th minute.

After the incidence Mugalu was ferried off the pitch with hopes for a return but shortly the hope faded off as his condition couldn’t liberate him therefore paving way for Rajab Kakooza.

Arua Hill face Kataka at the Mbale Municipal Stadium on Wednesday and Mbalangu confirmed after today’s training session Mugalu’s status isn’t as dreading as perceived earlier on.

“It was a blow to our team as he got injured in early minutes,” Mbalangu admitted before explaining the depth of the injury.

“We got information from the doctor who said Mugalu is feeling manageable pain with reduction in the swelling.

“The injury is not too much but we’ll have to wait till tomorrow as the doctor establishes the depth before we can begin thinking of his availability for Wednesday’s game.

“Let’s wait for the final assessment of the doctor whose recommendation is key in determining if or not we can use him because they know the right time frame but of course the player has to rest and we cannot oppose his recommendation.

“But from what we’ve seen so far it’s not that bad because he can now walk unlike yesterday when he was limping.” He concluded.

Mike Kawooya exclusive: “You will be surprised the day you get to know why I wear #87!”

Mike Kawooya exclusive: “You will be surprised the day you get to know why I wear #87!”

In our exclusive interview with one of our unswerving defenders who is about make 31 years in three days, Mike Kawooya discusses his contribution to the team, expectations in the second round, including his shirt number 87. Kawooya has also opened up about his views regarding the first round, critics and what sports he would play if not football.

The gigantic center back who is remembered for scoring and influencing a goal when Arua Hill SC beat UPDF FC 3-2 in the first leg of the 2020/2021 Uganda Cup was born on the 15/05/1990 in Wobulenzi, Luwero District and began his career in Busia with Busia Hoima FC, he has also played for Water FC, Mutundwe Lions, Kakamega Home Boys, BUL FC, Busoga United, Tooro United before joining Arua Hill in 2020.

In addition to sports, Kawooya is a strong believer in Christ and Basketball fan. Kawooya who trained today at Barifa with Arua Hill SC team preparing to travel for two away StarTimes FUFA Big League fixture on Thursday morning spoke with club writing and publication manager Joel Jolikiba Anguyo from the team’s camp.

Q: How does it feel that you are adding another year in the few days to come?

A: I want to thank God for the gift of life because many have died and many are sick but at least he has enabled me to be alive up to date. Actually, I’m very glad about that and I don’t have any bad feeling about it.

Q: Do you see yourself contributing so much to the team with your maturity and experience?

A: I contribute but the truth is, it’s all about working as a team. Because however good I may be, I can’t do more than a team, we all have to work as a team, that’s how we can do the best.

Q: What do you believe you brought to and can still bring to the team?

A: I brought my services actually, the experience I have and I have played for some good time. I’m very much sure the services I provide or the seniority because the truth is, I’ve played this league (Big League) for some good time including the super league of which it has given me some experience and I know how much I can handle and how to handle the situation.

The priority is to make efforts for the team to qualify to top flight and what I can add on is working harder. Though we’ve conceded lousily in the previous round, I don’t want that to continue in the coming round. We conceded some lousy penalties but the good enough the damage is not worst. I am very much sure this will not repeat in the second round with much hard work,

Q: What would you change if you could replay the first round?

A: Nothing. Reason being, its God that decides. We can’t change the past but we can change the future.

Q: Why do you think the local support and fan base is important to the team’s future?

A: The local fans and the supporters are vital and we need them. They moral boost, they give us the courage and they add confidence especially when they mention names. As long as they talk positive, it gives courage but even if negative it propels one to do more disapprove the critics and to impress those who speak positively.

Q: How did you stay motivated after drawing the games with Maroons, Mbale Heroes and Gaddafi FC?

A: We stayed motivated because we knew we could do better. We knew we shall do better in the return leg. We were frustrated with the results from Gaddafi game because we relaxed a bit hence, they equalized in the late minute. But we stayed motivated knowing that at least it’s not yet over until we meet again.

Q: How do you deal with the pressure of having to perform in a competitive group (Elgon Group)?

A: The pressure of course exists. Most people didn’t expect it to be competitive. I’m quite sure they looked at Maroons and Gaddafi and these other clubs before they didn’t know what we are capable of. But when they realized the signed players and our performance, they woke up to the fact that we are the real team. So, that attracts pressure but we are able to control it with the way we play our games.

Q: How do you channel your frustration when the referee’s decision doesn’t go your way (referring to the penalty awarded to Mbale Heroes in Mbale and Calvary FC in Barifa)?

A: With football rules, it’s not like a physically fighting battle or when someone makes a wrong decision, it ends in physical harm. When referee awards unnecessary penalty, it’s a matter of control emotions because not all penalty awarded ends in a goal. So, it’s a matter of trusting the goal keeper and waiting how the result will be. Incase the goal gets in, you strategize on a comeback

Q: How do you plan to deal with a circumstance in future in case you get benched?

A: I don’t have any problem with that. Not every benched player is bad, it’s just that there are some bad days in office which is normal. Besides not all days are going to be bad, there is going to be some good days so if you are benched it is still cool

Q: Do you have any rituals that you must perform before a game and why?

A: Apart from prayers, there is no any other rituals that can be done. Only praying to God.

Q: What did you feel was the high point of the first round?

A: The game with Maroons may have ended in a draw but it was helpful. It was on a high tensity. They didn’t expect us to play the way we did. It gave us courage still that we could do better than that.

Even against Paidha Black Angels, the way Kawawa helped us was amazing. The Paidha team was not as experienced as Maroons. Most of the Maroons players were mixed in age and good in tactics. We needed the points from Paidha game but the other also was crucial, though a point was not bad. We did celebrate the three points from Paidha and the effort Kawawa put.

Q: What advise could you give to young players who are yet to feature this season?

A: They should work hard, believe in themselves. I’m very much sure goodness is on their side. They should also add respect.

Q: How did your team work together?

A: Before the season kicked off, we were brought together as a team earlier.  Most players knew each other before, you find clusters of three players were familiar with each other so that together created platform for easy bonding and knowing the rest of the players very first.

The difference in tribe could not even be a standing block as we easily learnt to treat each other very well knowing their dislikes and likes a team was quickly built. The get together at Desert Breeze highly contributed to building the team too.

Q: What was the moment this season when you felt most like a team?

A: In the first leg of the Uganda Cup, second team played and won, that to me is a quintessence of team. We are all the same, and the same team. Without the first team, the second team can carry on. The way they behaved in the pitch, connected and communicated reflect a team to me.

Q: What moment this season were you most proud of yourself?

A: All the games we played have been good moments to me. Though there are times I get feelings of giving up, I finally overcame and to me all the games have been good moments where I felt proud. When you are winning, it comes with happiness and pride than when you are losing.

Q: Do you think you improved in the last matches or you see no difference in your performance in all the matches?

A: The performances have not been equal because not every day was good. But at least I tried to work hard in all the games I’ve played. I see so much difference from the first game till the last game.

Q: What was the most exciting game for you? Why?

A: The most exciting game was the game against Paidha. Reason, it started with rain, and scoring our goals came late. The expectation was for us to kill the game earlier but it gave us some time and when we scored the first goal which was ruled out, we got hope we could get back and scored again and again. It was exciting.

Q: Is there a particular significance to your jersey number? (Why do you wear #87).

A: There is secret behind it though I can’t say it right now but you’ll get to know about it with time.

Q: What’s in that you believe if we get to know, it would be a big surprise?

A: The day you’ll know why I put on #87

Q: What is your fondest memory of this past round?

A: I can’t tell.

Q: What aspect of your game comes easiest to you?

A: Defending. I give respect to my opponents but I don’t give them time to express themselves with freedom.

Q: What aspect of your game is the most difficult for you to master?

A: That’s my secret I would prefer keeping concealed.

Q:  How do you prepare for a game that’s different from your teammates?

A: Just resting. Before the game, I put on my music to cool down and avoid negative talks from the public. I avoid the public so much.

Q: What has soccer taught you that carries over into the other areas of your life?

A: Respect. Soccer has taught me to exercise respect both in and outside the pitch, because we create friendship in sports and when you get out to the world you realize to thrive well, you need to mutually share respect.

Q: What was the most important game you played in first round? Why?

A: All the games have been important because we needed all the points.

Q: How do you want your team mates to remember you?

A: As contributor to the team’s promotion to the Uganda Premier League.

Q: If you didn’t play soccer what sport would you like to play? Why?

A: I would play Tennis or Basketball. We have many Tennis players in my family. Dad was a Tennis player. My brothers play Tennis. It’s only me the last born who plays football. Very much surprisingly, my elder brothers are all playing Tennis. I think that’s the game I would play, if not Tennis, then Basketball because I love Basketball.

Q: What do you foresee in the second round

A: I can’t say they are going to be easy games as we shall start with two away games. I am sure we shall win but not easily. Simply because our opponents will field the same guys we played at home. They have verbally promised to see us again at their home which promises me the games won’t be easy but we shall do our best and do what we have to do to get points from that side.

Arua Hill SC Media officers participate in FUFA media training


Arua Hill SC Media officers participate in FUFA media training

Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has today Tuesday 11/05/2021 held its first ever media training for Big League teams, with Arua Hill SC media personnel in attendance.

The online training that was conducted by FUFA Communications Director Mr. Hussein Ahmed through Zoom was attended by media officers of largely Big League Clubs and some well-wishers in other leagues, with Adams Otelul Lematia and Oliver Asea representing Arua Hill SC.

According to Mr. Hussein, the training that took place for two hours from 8AM is designed intentionally to build the capacity of club Media officers so as to enhance their media related work in their respective clubs.

In the inauguration session, basically the learners were introduced to main subject, while the rest of the topics that will help to improve media skills  both on screen and in print and social media circles have been reserved for the remaining four days.

Among other topics that were already tackled today included importance of communication to football, internal and external communication in football, organizing press conferences in football, public relations planning in football, managing media relations in football, press releases for football related activities and media communication in football.

Other FUFA eggheads that invigilated the training included the Football Development Director Ali Mwebe and Marketing Director Ms. Esther Musoke.

Meanwhile Godfrey Drabe, Sam Opio, Timothy Tuhumwiire, Jusper Barigye, Opingopi, Joseph Mukhooli, Naisha, Barack Ashaba, Ronnie Lusulire, Brian Inke, Afriqana Nsereko, Julius Amanya, Fred Akena, Paul Chandia, Deniz Bwaha and Eric Bingi were some of the trainees present.

Mr. Ali Mwebe said;

“Very soon fufa will make this training mandatory so that clubs can be able to do better when it comes to media work.”

Ms. Esther Musoke said;

“Media and marketing go hand in hand, this training is very good to push the marketing aspect of the game cause without proper media message we cannot do well in marketing.”

Mr. Adams Otelul Lematia said;

“I was a pioneer, one of the first to be trained at injeru in 2018,  am simply doing this again to remind my self on several things so that I can help to build a clean brand within Ugandan football.”

Ms. Oliver Asea said;

“It was interesting as loopeholes that have been observed were addressed.

“I was able to learn some new things that I had no idea about and there were certain things we did and had no clue of how unprofessional they were until today.

“I learnt when, how, why and what to put out there, which has made the training worth attending.”

“I will listen to my body at the end of the season.” Okhuti broaches the subject of retirement from active football


“I will listen to my body at the end of the season.” Okhuti broaches the subject of retirement from active football

Caeser Okhuti has indicated that he may or may not retire at the end of the season but  his body and demand from the hierarchy will be the biggest determining factor.

The 30 year old admitted earlier on he was likely to hang up his boots at the end of the current season, but he is having a second thought as all depends on if his body is willing.

Okhuti also revealed he is ready to give Arua Hill all he has to ensure the club objective is achieved, and added he could go extra mile to defer his retirement plan if the bosses request.

The former Cranes international who is considering to end his career with the Leopards still has two years on his contract and  has said his fitness this season is good which is why he is able to perform.

“I said during my arrival that I would make my decision about my future at the end the campaign,” Okhuti told aruahillsc.ug

“But at this moment I feel fit enough and my performance is an indication.

“I love football and it will be difficult to say goodbye to it – and  sometimes I feel like giving up and on other times, I don’t feel ready to say goodbye.

“I will finish at Arua Hill SC but my fitness shape next season will determine whether or not I continue playing.

“I will also listen to my body, including if my services shall be required.

The forward joined Arua Hill SC from Onduparaka in 2020 and soon became club captain, helping them win four of the seven Big League first round games as he scored four goals in six appearances.

He is also a coach in the making with level one coaching license. He has already started practicing the profession he is determined to embrace post playing career with St. Leo FC.

He has juggled his coaching role with playing football for the last couple of months, much as he gave little time to coaching recently to concentrate on playing.

Although he has a chance to take a full time job as coach of the 4th div side when he retires, plans have also been made by the club for him to join the Arua Hill technical team when he retires.

Okhuti, who joined Arua Hill as a  coach player seven months ago had shared coaching duties with  Mbalangu especially in the field as the gaffer manages from the touchline, in return the head coach has supported the idea of him joining the technical team in the fullness of time.

“He is one of the best I’ve seen currently.” Mbalangu expresses admiration for goalkeeper Anyama.


“He is one of the best I’ve seen currently.” Mbalangu expresses admiration for goalkeeper Anyama.

Hussein Mbalangu heralded Richard Anyama’s goalkeeping prowess as one of the best he has so far seen in Ugandan league.

The 25-year old kept a clean sheet with some amazing saves in Sunday evening’s 2-0 win over Paidha Black Angels, including interfering with a feeble pass from Rashid Muhamed before Patrick Aruwa could take advantage, effectively denying Paidha B.A winger a better angle to score.

Anyama also had a brilliant reflex when Paidha forward powered a header that was destined for goal before saving Arua Hill in one against one from the visitors forwards minutes later.

The clean sheet marked Anyama’s fourth in the league and while Mbalangu has watched a couple of keepers this season both in the Premier League and Big League, the gaffer named the Leopards shotstopper one of the best currently in Uganda.

“Richard Anyama is one of the best goalkeepers,” he responded when asked to comment on the goalie’s saves before insisting;

“Yes. Leave those ones who’ve been scoring, but Anyama has gone every game one to one more than three and you can’t blame the defenders.” He added.

Yesterday’s win produced further cause for  honoring Anyama, as Arua Hill earned a 4th clean sheet of the campaign. The Arua Hill boss hence disclosed Anyama as his best player of the team in the first round.

“What is the use of a goalkeeper? Is it not to stop everyone who tries to score? So Anyama has been outstanding, has been our strong arm. I don’t know what my colleagues are saying but for me he is the best player.” Mbalangu revealed.

“I refer him like Allison of Liverpool. Very talented, calm, one against one very superb. He is better than goalkeepers in Super League. The way he handles, technically, tactically, game reading, commanding he is one of the best goalkeepers I’ve seen currently in Ugandan football.” He continued heaping praise of the goalie.

With the Elgon Group leaders in unrestrained form at the other end of the pitch, scoring a total of 12 goals, the highest in the group and conceding four in seven games, the  minimum in the group,  Mbalangu agreed that the goalkeeper and outfield players compliment each other evenly.

Hussein Mbalangu: Gaddafi is a very good team with young boys but not scary


Hussein Mbalangu: Gaddafi is a very good team with young boys but not scary

Hussein Mbalangu has cautiously glorified our next opponents, Gaddafi FC saying they are ‘a very good team with young boys but not scary’.

Gaddafi FC are currently 3rd on the table with nine points after collecting it all from the 1-0 win at the Bar Okoro Stadium against Paidha Black Angels last weekend.

Frank Ssebagala and Co look impressive with so far winning three games and losing two. In that regard our head coach Mbalangu has heaped praise of their competence.

“Gaddafi is a very good team; they have young boys. They have few experienced players like Kasadha in the midfield, who was playing in KCCA,” Mbalangu told club media,

“They are moderate, they are not scary but they are good. So, we shall try to learn them and handle them the way we plan.” He added.

Arua Hill SC on the other hand has equally won three games but lost none of the five fixtures, with three games remaining to finalize the first round Mbalangu has re-emphasized the need to keep the record virgin as they pursuit for promotion continues.

“What we need is to keep our winning touch at home so that we don’t get embarrassed in front of our fans. We must make this slaughtering place because you never know when you go outside,” he said and added, “You must get your points at home. So, we are very ready for the game.” He assured.

Mbalangu was also asked if it doesn’t sadden him seeing our recent addition to the squad Banza Lefenia an excellent finisher who has only made one appearance as a substitute in a Uganda Cup fixture against UPDF FC at home is unable to get enough playtime, he replied the striker shouldn’t be hurried into the team.

“Banza has just arrived in the team, I think he trained one month and it isn’t one-month typical training because we’ve been away playing games, so there is no hurry on him,

“People have spent six months training and some players have not kicked the ball. We started with them on 29th September 2020 and they’re still here. We ‘re not worried on him, he may play next season. So, I cannot tell you he may play because there are many strikers who are good and fit.” he added.

Arua Hill SC v Gaddafi FC: Team News, Agau, Baden  

Arua Hill SC v Gaddafi FC: Team News, Agau, Baden

Arua Hill SC purposes to maintain 100% home winning record as they host Gaddafi FC in match day six of the StarTimes FUFA Big League at Barifa Play Grounds on Thursday 22nd/04/2021.

Out of the five league games, the Leopards have played three home games, and won 3-0 against Blacks Power, 3-1 against Kataka FC 1-0 against Calvary FC. They face 3rd place Gaddafi who edged Paidha Black Angels 1-0 at Bar Okoro in their last fixture.

Arua Hill SC have no serious injury news and are enhanced with the thought of including revitalized Rashid Agau and Baden Mujahid in tomorrow’s challenge.

Patrick Matovu remains unwell after pulling a hamstring last Sunday meanwhile Sabir Edema is improving health wise as he serves his sick leave.

Isaac Okello and Telvin Maina are out of the picture in the whole first round but Hussein Mbalangu who still has so much legs in his disposal to use while forecasting tough encounter in the forthcoming fixture is optimistic Gaddafi is tameable.

“We’re having another hard game tomorrow but I know we shall overcome it because we’re at home and we’re ready for any battle. We’ve corrected our mistake from the recent game and the last game with Calvary. I think it will be a very good game tomorrow,” Mbalangu told club media.

“So, it’s very good because they are competing, whenever there is competition in a team, it gives headache, it means the team is very good.” He added on selection headache and competition amongst players.

“That’s what we need, that’s why you see us trying to shout in training, trying to make them to be in the same level. So, it is a very good thing to give us headache in selecting.

“We select according to what we are going to play, the team we’re going to play what does it need? Are they fighting? do they need people who are harder? that’s how we select. But I think we’re going to use players who have been playing the last two games.” He confirmed possible lineup.

Unlike previous home games where Arua Hill had a smooth cruise packed with goals, Hussein and Co fought hard to put down Calvary with 1-0 win at home a few days ago, Gaddafi FC could easily get persuasion and come all out to present similar challenge, but Hussein is offhand as he insists collecting maximum points from the Soldierz Boyz is more important than goals.

“I’m surprised with people, maybe they don’t understand football. Win is a win, we don’t want goal average, for us is the points. Even if you score a thousand goals, and you’re having less points, for us our aim is to get points. Then the goals will come,” Mbalangu said.

“For us a win is win even if we win 1-0, 2-1 as long as we’ve taken three points, the first thing is points. There is no any panic, there is no any problem winning 1-0. Who is leading? When we win 1-0 it means we’ll be 14 points then Gaddafi will be on nine. Even if they have a thousand goals, it won’t be helpful. Our aim is to win, win is the best.” He asserted.

Arua Hill SC are currently two points clear at the top of Elgon Group. A win against Gaddafi will permit them maintain the lead with 14 points.

Last Match

Arua Hill SC 1-0 Calvary FC (April 18)

Anyama, Kiirya, Matovu, Kawooya, Muhamed, Ajobe, Kawawa, Muhumuza, Mutebi, Okhuti, Mugalu

Paidha Black Angels 0-1 Gaddafi FC (April 18)

Didi, Ibrahim, Najib, Kasadha, Ochungi, Kyeyune, Ngobi, Otim, Bamukyaye, Mulimi, Swahibu

Allan Mugalu: The goal is not mine but for the team


Allan Mugalu: The goal is not mine but for the team

Scoring a goal is conceivably the best feeling, even better if you are an attacker whose primary role is to attack and score!

Attackers live and survive on goals, with a goal on Sunday boosting them all the way till Thursday as they’ll face Gaddafi FC at home.

To some it doesn’t even really matter how it gets in whereas to others, it does. Whether a long range shot or sublime finish—that feeling of relief and contentment mixed with utter pleasure is simply incomparable in opinion of those that understand.

Now scoring a goal that claims the triumph in a tough match is even the best as it’s not only so spiriting lifting but also self glorifying.

One would expect Mugalu to sing songs of self praise after personally experiencing the above-described feeling, when interviewed after inspiring Arua Hill win against Calvary FC.

The attacking midfielder blessed with consummate dribbling skills and of late great prowess in the air accepted the unique feeling but refused to own the glory.

“I feel so good because the coach has trusted me and has given me chance to play. He actually believes in me, that’s why I put a good performance,” Mugalu said.

“I thank God that I’ve managed to score a goal which has helped my team to win, this goal isn’t mine but for the team.

“I don’t feel happy because I scored but because the team has gained, that’s why I feel happy.” He continued.

The 24-year old’s goal six minutes into the second half owed much to his strength in the air, without taking away Dan Birikwalira long range throwing prowess and Baden Mujahid’s head brush.

But that goal arrived after Calvary FC threatened to take the day before they squandered a questionable penalty.

In Mugalu’s opinion, the first half was such a struggle because of the fatigue stemming from travels and the bumper-to-bumper fixture. Speaking to the media in that regards, he said,

“We struggled in the first half because we played away against Mbale Heroes, and then after two days we came and played.

“We travelled a long distance, a lot of fatigue, no resting that’s why we struggled in the first half but we managed to come in the second half because the body had warmed up.” Mugalu explained.

“The coach talked to all of us, he told us to lift our heads in second half so that we could get the goal and that’s what did to get the goal.” He additionally elaborated on how the team was able to rediscover themselves before they got the goal that won the day.

The goal is Mugalu’s second of the season in five league appearances. He last scored in 3-0 win against Kataka FC.