Faizul exclusive: ‘Terminator is back and ready to work’


Faizul  proclaimed ‘Terminator is back’, with a promise to give his all after the midfielder agreed a deal to join the club from Wakiso Giants on July,27.

Faizul, once player of non-league side Diamond Stars from 2010-2013, before joining Premier League side Onduparaka the following year where he played until 2019, believes Arua Hill will compete in the competitive top flight football.

He summarized the paperwork of his transfer to the Leopards on Tuesday at the club office in KKT Plaza, Arua, a day afterwards explained to Aruahillsc.ug why he opted Arua Hill move.

Faizul also confessed he has been following his new side since last season, with watching some games especially away fixtures, what he made of how the team played in Big League, and much more in a chat containing variety of subjects.

Read the full interview below…

How pleased are you to have joined Arua Hill SC?

I have been thinking about it and would like to thank God that he has accepted it am very happy to join the new family.

Arua Hill is a local team (team from your vicinity), did that influence your decision to accept offer from them?

It didn’t influence as such but one thing I’ll tell you, in football players always move from one team to another, that happens but am happy to be back home.

Have you watched Arua Hill play before?

Yes I have been watching their games. I watched them play Maroons away. Mbale heroes away on TV and Gadafi away on TV.

What would you say about the way they play? Would you say you admire it?

I was impressed. They meant business and was happy with their display.

How successful do you anticipate Arua Hill to be in their debute season in Uganda Premier League?

The Premier League is competitive, which is inspirational. We are going to compete to make sure that we achieve our targets which is soon coming.

The Premier League is another dimension all together and it’s new level with new devils, as an experienced UPL player, how can Arua Hill ensure continuity and sustainability in the league?

Preparation is key which they are already doing. My arrival and others that have been signed and others that are yet to be signed is a big step towards ensuring sustainability and continuity.

I think they are already  doing the right thing and once all is well assembled, everyone will mean business and with concentration all things will be possible.

You have some OBs in Arua Hill, what really does that mean for you in relation to working and producing results and how much are you looking forward to meeting them?

It’s exciting, I can’t wait because we’ve known each other and with some of them our relationship goes beyond football. I get a feeling it will be easy for us to achieve our targets

As a footballer who has played for quite some time, what is it that you feel you haven’t done well in the previous seasons with previous clubs and hope to do in your new home?

I want to be a champion  by the end of season and get medals. If not? why not?

What do you hope to contribute or bring to the Arua Hill team and what are you expectations from your Arua Hill team mates?

I like using my energy and definitely that, I will freely offer and I expect us to work together. Each one of us has something unique and together, we can become unstoppable.

How would you describe your style of play?

I like passing football.

What would you say are your technical and tactical strengths and weakness?

Always aggressive when in the field of play.

Is that why they call you Terminator?

I guess yeah. The fans thought I terminate the opponents’ moves like Arnold Schwarzenegger would do in the movie ‘The Terminator’. They also thought I protect the ball well.

I remember while playing for Onduparaka, I think against Vipers SC in 2015, when we won 1-0  courtesy of  Shaban goal. I got a ball from an opponent and he was coming to fight back and I used my body to shield him and since then they started to call me Terminator.

There is already a very positive vibe and reception by the fans since the announcement of your arrival was made, this must make you feel over the moon?

First I want to thank God for bringing me back home and want to thank the management of Arua Hill and the fans for accepting and embracing me.

Any message to the Arua Hill fans, and management?

What I can tell them  is that Terminator is back and ready to work with them and happy to work with them.