Hussein Mbalangu: Gaddafi is a very good team with young boys but not scary


Hussein Mbalangu: Gaddafi is a very good team with young boys but not scary

Hussein Mbalangu has cautiously glorified our next opponents, Gaddafi FC saying they are ‘a very good team with young boys but not scary’.

Gaddafi FC are currently 3rd on the table with nine points after collecting it all from the 1-0 win at the Bar Okoro Stadium against Paidha Black Angels last weekend.

Frank Ssebagala and Co look impressive with so far winning three games and losing two. In that regard our head coach Mbalangu has heaped praise of their competence.

“Gaddafi is a very good team; they have young boys. They have few experienced players like Kasadha in the midfield, who was playing in KCCA,” Mbalangu told club media,

“They are moderate, they are not scary but they are good. So, we shall try to learn them and handle them the way we plan.” He added.

Arua Hill SC on the other hand has equally won three games but lost none of the five fixtures, with three games remaining to finalize the first round Mbalangu has re-emphasized the need to keep the record virgin as they pursuit for promotion continues.

“What we need is to keep our winning touch at home so that we don’t get embarrassed in front of our fans. We must make this slaughtering place because you never know when you go outside,” he said and added, “You must get your points at home. So, we are very ready for the game.” He assured.

Mbalangu was also asked if it doesn’t sadden him seeing our recent addition to the squad Banza Lefenia an excellent finisher who has only made one appearance as a substitute in a Uganda Cup fixture against UPDF FC at home is unable to get enough playtime, he replied the striker shouldn’t be hurried into the team.

“Banza has just arrived in the team, I think he trained one month and it isn’t one-month typical training because we’ve been away playing games, so there is no hurry on him,

“People have spent six months training and some players have not kicked the ball. We started with them on 29th September 2020 and they’re still here. We ‘re not worried on him, he may play next season. So, I cannot tell you he may play because there are many strikers who are good and fit.” he added.