Hussein Mbalangu on the fans, game management and Dan Birikwalira’s throwin

Hussein Mbalangu on the fans, game management and Dan Birikwalira's throw-in

Head coach Mbalangu has expressed gratitude to Arua Hill fans for their support and praised Dan Birikwalira for using his strength to the team’s benefit after the Leopards preserved their position on top of the Elgon table by beating Maroons 2-0 on match day ten of the StarTimes FUFA Big League.

First half goals from Mike Kawooya and Allan Mugalu made Arua Hill triumphant amidst support shown by Kongolo fans at Barifa Play Ground as the Leopards bounced back to winning ways by extending their unbeaten run in the campaign to 10 matches.

Three points, on top of 17 mean Arua Hill now has 20 points, one more ahead of second placed Blacks Power and Gaddafi FC who are tied on 19 after they won their matches respectively.

Read on for a transcript of the gaffers post-match press conference…

On the support of the fans

I am grateful to the fans for the support they’ve shown us. They are true embodiment of our motto which says ‘Together we are Kongolo’.  The fans are the 12 player and for them to show up today in full swing with such a passionate display of support is really intriguing.

Discipline of the boys in regards to game plan

The boys kept discipline to the game plan. Maroons being a good and experienced team needed discipline and the boys did exactly as we planned.

Finishing the business in the first half

We had already got two goals against a Big team like Maroons, so there was no need to rush but to play and posses as we enjoy and that way, we knew we would protect our lead because mostly we’ve been conceding goals because we failed to balance attacking and defending.

On winning at home and how it was done

We had taken a game without winning at home so it’s great that the touch is now in our hands. We planned to put them under pressure in the first half so that we could get early goals and we did.

What the boys did to maintain the lead

We have the potential to win with four or five goals but we had to strategize and choose between risking the lead through ultra attacking or finding the balance so we may win and get three points other than chasing for goals.

Mike Kawooya being unfamiliar source of goal

But we have been training set pieces, we can score in open play, we can score in set pieces and Kawooya is very good in set pieces so we rehearsed for him to score and he made it real.

Dan Birikwalira throwins

He is gifted with the technique, long throws is a  technique and God given, so he has used it properly and we have players who can score those balls. He is instrumental.

Alfred Leku’s general display

He played very well though he didn’t score. He was putting pressure on defense, controlling them and kept them on their toes.

Where Maroons went wrong

They were slow we capitalized on their slowness, so we put on speed and pressurized them till they succumbed. We placed the ball in spaces to force them to run, for instance Baden caused them problems with his dribbles and runs.