Hussein Mbalangu: Player’s freedom from injury providing selection headache


Hussein Mbalangu: Player’s freedom from injury providing selection headache

Hussein Mbalangu says return of players from injury and improvement of others is  leaving him with selection headache.

Arua Hill is currently leading the Big League Elgon Group with 17 points after registering four wins and five draws and have scored 15 goals, the highest and just conceded seven goals, one of the least in the group, while the 2-2 draw with Kataka last Wednesday marked the ninth game without defeat this season.

The Leopards achieved the milestone even through storms that have come in variety of faces including decline of performance, tactical condition and injuries.

Towards the end of first round, forced squad rotation particular influenced by injuries has seen Mbalangu turn to Alfred Leku in the last three games, with the center forward not disappointing as he bagged three goals.

Mbalangu who has previously publicly announced the player has what it takes to take on the mantle from then injured Okhuti has lived to witness his prediction come to pass.

He also tested what Brian Ade, third in his striker ranking and pecking order can offer, and the quality of his service became visibly vital when he showed up against Kataka as a substitute with a first touch that resulted into a goal before the officials wrongly ruled it out.

“Ade is eager to play, he wants to play and we saw the tremendous job he did at the Mbale Municipal Stadium though fate was against his goal,” Mbalangu commented about Ade’s works ahead of Sunday fixture before adding, ”Not only him but everybody else is doing fine, talk of Baden, Kawawa etc.”

“With the return of Captain (Okhuti) there is selection headache because I need everyone’s services yet the slot is limited to XI.”