Isaac Mulindwa talks ‘healthy’ Arua Hill SC goalkeeping competition with mates

Isaac Mulindwa

Goalkeeper Isaac Mulindwa has said fellow stoppers Franco Oringa and Richard Anyama offer “healthy competition” for him in the battle to be first choice goalie for the Arua Hill SC team.

Mulindwa and comrade Anyama both joined us this season meanwhile Oringa has been with us since last season as starter. The three goalies have however been given equal opportunity in all the games we’ve so far played and the technical team has further affirmed chance will happen to all of them as they are tasked to maintain a healthy competition, the shot stopper  told Arua Hill media.

“We’re told by the coach to have a healthy competition minus grudge or hate, and indeed we compete while learning from each other,” he said.

“They’ve clearly told us every one of us has a chance to play. If I’m in a good health, I play likewise Oringa and Anyama.” He added.

Mulindwa in that regard has recognized he has work to do to take the starting spot from the two in spite of their superiority in experience and technical attributes.

Oringa is experienced and so is Anyama,” Mulindwa said.

“I’m learning ball handling from them, foot work and game reading because they’re good in them.

“I am working hard towards developing those technical attributes because I desire to surpass them and stamp myself in the first choice spot.” Mulindwa noted.

The team boosts of the clean sheets the department has registered. Each of the three goal keepers  have received a fair share of play time in the 25 friendly matches where they have all together kept a total of 19 clean sheets, with Mulindwa, 25, only conceded in the 2-1 win against Bombo United, 2-1 win against Arua Select and 6-1 win against Arua Soccer Academy.

Meanwhile Oringa, 31, conceded in the 2-0 defeat to Arua Select and the 2-1 win against Ndejje University whereas Anyama, 26, conceded in the one all draw against Mvara Boys.

Mulindwa soars in some of the same areas as Oringa and Anyama such as aerials and ball handling. He has also shown potential to improve in playing the ball out from the back, per goalkeeping coach Ivan Ntambi.

He has shown determination to keep fighting with Oringa and Anyama for the No. 1 spot.

The fact they have all been involved in all preseason games will make the fight even more interesting as it will be possible to assess their respective performances against Big League teams.