“It was not an easy game.”-Hussein Mbalangu




“It was not an easy game,” Hussein Mbalangu

Arua Hill SC has maintained perfect start after they registered their fully deserved second Big League win over Kataka FC at Barifa Play Ground.

Arua Hill SC, who carried their winning mentality from game one, were the more vibrant and positive team against Kataka FC as the Mbale side once again tasted defeat in a row after losing to Calvary FC two days back.

The Leopard’s hero was in-form striker Caeser Okhuti, who struck again and now has two goals in two games.

Before he inspired the first drawing of the first blood, he checked the goal keeper from a set piece with a tricky execution though but didn’t find a breakthrough, he also powered a header that only needed Kasibante to save.

Finally, Okhuti opened the scores off Rashid Agau corner delivery at the stroke of halftime. Allan Mugalu headed home off a Caeser Okhuti corner 19 minutes later whereas substitute Alfred Leku stretched himself to slot home in the 85th to call it done and dusted.

“It has not been easy because the opponents have been too physical, they use a lot of energy, too much running and too much body contact,” Mbalangu said during post match interview despite winning.

Awesome Arua Hill SC display their level

Oscar Agaba was fouled in the early stages of the game hence an emergency substitution was made and Kakooza was brought in.

The unexpected situation  robbed Arua Hill SC of game plan Mbalangu admitted during the post match conference, and Paddy of his partner which created disorganization in the tactical method but Arua Hill still had excess for pathetic Kataka

And it was fitting that the three players who got the goals to maintain the status in the journey, were Okhuti, Mugalu and Leku – the Leopard’s three good, experienced and  influential performers.

Alfred Leku has had to be introduced as the fight for competition has become a norm with the squad having both quality and quantity since the take over and massive recruitment of players.

But Leku is positive minded and confessed to media after the match, whoever the coach decides to play a head of him must definitely have been better than him in the coach’s view.

Leku has always been played consistently as a twin striker with Okhuti during the preseason and he has scored a couple of goals including the equalizer against Ndejje University five weeks ago and today he has shown his capability again by being faithful with the little time given him in pitch.

Meanwhile Allan Mugalu in the absence Gadafi Gadinho has fitted well and is doing exactly and or more than what is expected of him. Unlike previously when he won the penalty, he today showed another side of himself with a perfect headed goal.

Arua Hill SC will now face Maroons FC – the team that was relegated from the Premier League last season– but the prize at stake is now so attracting it is unlikely there will be a inkling of complacency from Mbalangu and Co.

Arua Hill are in a very favourable position in the StarTimes Big League Elgon group as they lead with six points and six goals.

Now they have a third fixture to look forward to in what is building up to be a potentially remarkable season as they intend to end their stay in the Big League.