Mbalangu confirms dead leg for Brian Ade

Mbalangu confirms dead leg for Brian Ade

Hussein Mbalangu confirmed that Brian Ade sustained a dead leg in Arua Hill’s 2-0 win over Mbale Heroes last Wednesday and is hopeful the injury is not serious.

The striker was hurt after Mbale Heroes’ custodian Hilbert Hatimu went for his thigh other than the ball in late stages of the game at Barifa and had to be replaced by Samari Ajobe.

Ade was immediately rushed to the health facility by ambulance as the Leopards secured a vital three points in their promotion ambition in the Big League, courtesy of Allan Mugalu header and Baden Mujahid looping finish.

Ade being stretched off the pitch due to injury sustained during the game against Mbale Heroes in Barifa

Speaking to club media on Saturday after training, Arua Hill gaffer provided an update on Ade’s condition.

“The kind of injury Ade sustained is normally called a dead leg,” Mbalangu revealed.

“It doesn’t mean the leg is dead but according experts any trauma to the quadriceps muscles is very painful that at times people tend not to feel their leg, so that’s why we call it a dead leg.” He added.

Mbalangu may now be without the no. 9 for Calvary visit, with Ade set to do physiotherapy exercises to help aid his recovery process with the help of Arua Hill physiotherapist ahead of next month fixture.

According to club physiotherapist Innocent Aguta who detailed the 24 year old’s condition, the player will need two weeks before he is sanctioned to resume stage one training.

“He was as all of us witnessed knocked by the goal keeper and at first that was a emergency case,” Aguta began explaining.

“So we had to ascertain the level at which the injury was. The fear was he got phenomenal fracture and pelvic fracture so when we rushed with him to the facility, we did imaging where we had X-ray imagining which confirmed to us the bones are okay.

“So that left us with a condition of soft tissue injury. Basically with soft tissue injury when you are knocked on the thigh, it’s the thigh muscles which get injured. In this case he was knocked in the anterior compartment of the thigh, that means he got an injury of the right quadriceps muscle.

“To manage the pain, we gave him some pain killers and antibiotics. We also thought it’s not proper for him to weight bear fully, so we gave him elbow crutch which currently he is using.

“Pertaining how long he’ll be out with dead leg injury, the good thing, when the bones are intact, when the bones are not affected, it usually doesn’t take much. There are chances that at the end of next week, he can start jogging that means within 14 days he should be able to return for his first training.

“We’re closely monitoring him, we hope nothing happens to him and he recovers as quick as possible. The set deadline for his return is two weeks.

“From injury, it’s prohibited to join the team once, injury victims are advised to start training at a lower level, so when you want to know if he’ll play or not for this exact season, he’ll have to pass some other sessions, that’s the high intensive training, if he can pass through before the season ends well and good he has a chance.

“Since the next game is on 6th which is a little far, I think we are not ruling him out for the rest of the season but we’ll first monitor his progress in recovering.” He concluded.