Mbalangu’s verdict on Uganda Cup victory

Mbalangu’s verdict on Uganda Cup victory

Arua Hill claimed 3-2 victory over UPDF in the first leg of the side’s Stanbic Uganda Cup round of 32 tie and Hussein Mbalangu made his verdict on the fixture to club media.

The game was very good, the result was okay because even they’re not sure they will score against us at their own ground because football now has changed, it depends on the way you are organized and the way you are facing that particular game, for me the game was very good and we are keeping our winning touch with scoring many goals as I told you in my first press conference that if you score me three, I score you four. So they scored us two and we scored them three. As long as we winning the game, that is the main point,” he gave his thoughts on the score line.

On what could have happened when the team failed to protect the two goal lead

As you saw the team, we made a lot of changes, so some players were lacking confidence so that game management some of them lacked it because we tried to struggle but we’re leading 2-0 and those silly silly mistakes cost us to concede the two goals because when you see the goals were in the same style. First goal was a cross, then they didn’t mark properly and somebody didn’t try to block that cross and then the second one was a corner kick, nobody was jumping with strikers so I think that’s what let us down.

On whether the absence of Rashid Muhamed besides Mike Kawooya could have been the leakage

Communication lacked between the defenders, even if Kawooya is there, he needs to be supported, if he is marking here do you think he will go and mark the other side. They scored the goal on the blind side when Kawooya was not on the other side, so it was miscommunication between Atandu and Yakin because they left the man to come and head freely.

On how the team managed to keep cool and get back to leading shortly after score line were leveled

We don’t change our style of play and we still keep on attacking, because even if we are two goals up, I was emphasizing my players that let us still attack. Don’t give them time, let’s attack because they’re tired let’s keep on attacking. I don’t believe in being conservative because we have scored two goals, no. When you want to defend, it means you are inviting opponents to come and attack you so we keep on attacking and at least we must score you even if they equalized, we must score one or two goals to score them that’s why we got it. We even missed many chances remember the cross came and Leku missed it but the team is in good state.

His general view on opponent’s performance

The opponents were very good, they are superior to us because they in Premier League and we are in Big League, for them they don’t have a Big task and for us we have a very very big task of promoting this team to top level, so we are like champions, we must play like champions, every game is like a final. But they are very good, they’ve given us good test.