Mike Kawooya: The defence unit had to receive fresh lectures on defending

Mike Kawooya: The defence unit had to receive fresh lectures on defending

After Arua Hill scored two unanswered goals to overcame Maroons FC on Sunday at Barifa, the Leopards defender discussed with the media how they managed to keep clean sheet.

For Kawooya who scored the opening goal before assisting Allan Mugalu to finish the business, the goals and assists was not the source of delight but the team’s ability to protect them.

“I am excited for the three points and the goal I scored and the assist I made,” Kawooya said.

“But I take delight more to see us protect the goals because we’ve often throw away our lead.

“We had to sit down and discuss the mistakes because goals come after mistakes. We had to look into our mistakes and correct them after receiving detailed lectures from the technical observers.

Mike Kawooya and teammates having brief meeting to discuss defensive solutions during a game against Maroons at Barifa

Kawooya’s goal against Muhammad Ssenfuma’s charges isn’t the first, he scored in Arua Hill’s 3-2 win over UPDF in first leg of Uganda Cup last month. He has promised with the presence of Dan Birikwalira whose throw-ins are pinpoint, more goals are yet to come.

“Dan’s contribution to goals  is of great help to us. He is so perfect that he picks one person to throw to,” Kawooya revealed.

“That’s why I always go there when he is about to throw-in the ball and he is always aiming at me such that I could also brush for those ones behind me to increase our scoring chances.

“We are actually still scoring and I am also still scoring as long as I still have my teammates and we are working and when we are together, we shall score more goals.”

Arua Hill may be leading the table, but Kawooya cautions against relaxation. He speaks against comfort zone as he bemoans opponents winning mentality.

“The results are okay, and we’re still looking for more points, even those chasing us are also on our back, we just have to win the games so that we can create a difference.

“It’s bad our competitors are also winning, if they were losing, we would be in a comfort zone but with the current state, we can’t be comfortable.” He summarized.

Dan Birikwalira prepares to take on a throw-in