Latest news on Oscar Agaba injury provided

Latest news on Oscar Agaba injury provided

Arua Hill SC head coach Hussein Mbalangu has provided the latest update on Oscar Agaba’s injury.

“Agaba got a knock on the right shin, apparently it’s swelling and the doctors are giving him three days to see if the inflammation can reduce,” Mbalangu told club media.

The midfielder limped off disappointed with an excruciating pain during the game against Kataka FC that Arua Hill SC would go onto winning 3-0 at Barifa Play Ground.

The coach was forced to make a  substitution where Rajab Kakooza was introduced in the 15th minutes after a bad tackle from an opponent that couldn’t allow for Agaba to continue.

With the next fixture schedule for 1/04/2021 against Maroons FC at Luzira, doubts and questions are beginning to rise on whether the 31 year old has a chance to feature.

When asked if Agaba could have chance against Maroons,  Mbalangu while revealing the injury is minor said;

“He has a chance according to the Physiotherapist because they say usually it takes three days for the acute phase to resolve and once that has resolved, he can get back in the fourth day and given the date of fixtures, I think he has a chance,” and added, “We can’t rule him out because there is time for recovery and the injury is minor.”