Oringa’s teammates react to his new look

Franco Oringa

Franco Oringa on Monday afternoon training appeared in a different hair style other than his usually fascinating dreadlocks. His new look has triggered reactions from his fellow teammates.

Forward Sabir Edema who has played with the goalkeeper for a season at Arua Hill said Oringa looks younger and peculiar. In his own words Edema said,“Today Oringa looks young and different. But I would rather he has the burning dreads as he looks better in them.”

Teenage forward Ronald Media Innocent played for Nyamityooba JT in 2018 as Oringa played for the senior team. He nevertheless had the chance to observe the senior goalkeeper’s hair style.

Innocent confessed he enjoys seeing Oringa in dreads and explained reason being the advantage the hair provides for the goalie against strikers. According to Innocent, Oringa’s scary hair is enough to affect a striker final touch.

“Today he looks different however I enjoy him in the dreads. Truthful speaking when a goal keeper appears in yellow tinted hair, it is scary for striker. It can affect their final touch. It is unbelievable he has saved it off, I never ever thought it could happen.”

Meanwhile midfielder Allan Mugalu, Oringa’s teammate from last season mentioned it never occured to him Oringa would ever strip his hair.

“It never occured to me Oringa would shave off his dreads. For sure, today is his first training since he cut off his  hair. He looks nice though.”

Emmanuel Mutebi claims he has infleunce in Oringa’s new look. According to Mutebi, he’s been advising Oringa against maintaining the dreads.

“I’ve always  advised him to cut it off the hair  and I’m grateful he has listened to me. The guy now looks so good and part of the team,” he claimed.

When asked he thinks Oringa’s previous hair style threatened the opponents as opined by other players, Emmanuel said,

“I can’t tell if his hair was making strikers afraid but we’ve known his hair is always like that though I don’t believe having a certain kind of hair can potentially affect performance of opponents either positively or negatively.”