Sanday Aleni Benard

by: Arua Hill SC


20 Sanday Aleni Benard

by: Arua Hill SC

Sanday Aleni Benard
Sanday Aleni Benard
Birth Place
Arua, Uganda
1.72 M
52 KG
July 23, 1998


Sanday Aleni Benard born on 23rd JULY 1998 in Arua, Uganda. creative midfielder who came through the Arua Kids League (AKL) in 2006. After impressive performance for the AKL where he won player of tournament in Jinja, he caught the attention of Kampala Junior Team (KJT) and joined them in 2008. With KJT, he likewise played two years but his illustrious performance was in 2008 when he won player of the tournament in Ligi Ndogo in Nairobi.

He also played Copa Coca Cola tournament for Arua Public SS in Masaka in 2011, represented St. Juliana SS in East African tournament in Lira.

His first club experience was presented to him at Paidha Black Angels in 2016/17 and was part of the team that finished runners up in Stanbic Uganda Cup. He played half of 2018/19 season for Nebbi Central before signing for Arua Hill SC in 2019.

Sanday initially was a left footed player but perfected his right foot over time and can use both very well. He is an intelligent player, blessed with good vision and dribbling skills. He is also a sharp shooter and good passer of the ball