Samuel Ssekamatte foresees magic and goals

Arua Hill completed the signing of the Soltilo Bright Stars striker immediately after he touched base in Arua on Tuesday before unveiling him on Wednesday.

The 28-year-old, who scored 12 goals last season for Bright Stars FC in the Premier League has signed a two year contract.

After completing his move, the goal poacher revealed the vision of the club was irresistible.

“I couldn’t ever imagined playing for Arua Hill a month ago, I was destined to go outside the country but here I am,” Ssekamatte told Arua Hill media.

“I didn’t hesitate when Arua Hill made a contact, they took me through an irresistible project and I bought it, I said this is where I want to be,” he added.

“The idea of the technical staff, the modus operandi, the picture painted is exactly of the team I’ve always wanted to work with,”

“The ambitions, and the vision the chairman bears for the club and how he wants to transform football around, and see the club develop, who wouldn’t want to be part of it?” He asked before emphasizing, “The vision is so good that I couldn’t hesitate but again the key factor is the technical team because as a player, it’s important to work with teachers who understand you as a player.”

Arua Hill have already added another attacker in Sharif Saaka onto the existing list and is still in the business of adding more as they aim to wrestle the competition in top tier football, Ssekamatte is even more positive and ready for the competition the quality and depth of squad will create.

“For any player to perform, they need competition especially a healthy competition,” said the former KCCA FC player.

“When the competition is healthy, two things prevail, positive results for the club and for the player as well, there is so much development that prevails, so as long as the competition is healthy, I’m ready for anything.” He concluded.

Ssekamatte scored three goals in two Uganda Cup appearances for his former side besides his marvelous Premier League figures, and the striker has promised to do the same at his new home.

He says the quality of Arua Hill creators will compliment him, Ssekamatte specifically points out his ‘Idol’ Paddy Muhumuza as chief orchestrator while explaining how the anticipated magic between him and the midfielder will produce results.

“I’ve always enjoyed watching Paddy play and it’s good we have chance to play alongside each other,” he said

“The composure and calmness he has, as a striker, that’s what I have always looked for because I know when I make good runs and position myself well, with his calmness and composure, he is very gifted to  split the defense to find me.

“I like him because he will take risks just to execute an unobvious pass and that gives me a feeling, I’ll have chances to score. I foresee so much magic between me and him, not ruling out the rest of the teammates who the coach will decide to play.”

Brief Profile of Samuel Ssekamatte.

Ssekamatte is a strong, and energetic forward, who is known for his stamina, work-rate, ability in the air, and his accurate finishing ability both with his head and feet.

Born in Wakiso district in December 12, 1993 he started his playing career with Masaka FC in 2012.

In his football journey, he has played for Kira Young, SC Victoria University, Al Malakia, KCCA, Red Arrow in Zambia and of recent Bright Stars.

He is a winner of Nile Basin Cup with Victoria University, Winner of South Sudan League and FA Cup with Malakia.